Nude Beach Etiquette

  • Stay out of environmentally sensitive areas
  • Obey parking regulations
  • Help remove litter
  • Don’t go out of established nude areas
  • No overt sexual activity
  • Respect others’ property
  • Ask prior consent for photography
  • Respect others’ privacy
  • Come prepared
American River near Auburn Folsom Lake South Yuba near Bridgeport Hoyt Crossing of South Yuba Purdon Crossing of South Yuba Edward's Crossing of South Yuba Oroville Lake Laguna Del Sol Lake Tahoe

Locations in Central California

1-Oroville | 2-Bridgeport | 3-Hoyt | 4-Purdon | 5-Edwards | 6-Tahoe | 7-Auburn | 8-Folsom | 9-Laguna


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1. Oroville Lake

Pros Large lake with lots of secluded coves.
Cons Shoreline is steep. No established nude beach.
Directions Lake Oroville brochure showing access points and roads at


2. South Yuba River near Bridgeport


Pros Good Parking. Easy Hike. Nice natural area.
Cons Swift current and lack of beach during spring runoff.
Directions Take highway 49 northwest out of Auburn. At Grass Valley, take highway 20 west 8 miles west to Pleasant Valley Road. Go north on Pleasant Valley Road to the South Yuba River. After crossing the new bridge (old covered bridge was down to the left), drive into parking lot on right. Walk through open gate and notice the time. After about 3 minutes of walking on the dirt road toward the river and then upstream along the river, you come to a dip in the road. After the dip, take a footpath to the left, going up hill. At about 7 minutes the climb ends on a fairly level former flume grade. Follow footpath upstream along this grade. After about 15 minutes from the gate the old beach is visible down at the river (Don’t Use). Continue on and cross French Corral Creek. After 23 minutes total time, come to the State Park boundary sign. After about 2 minutes beyond the boundary watch for the trail on the right, going about 40 or 50 yards down to the river. Look for sandy, clear area downstream from the trail.

3. Hoyt Crossing of the South Yuba River

Pros Easy level hike. Nice natural area.
Cons High fast water during spring runoff.
Directions Route 1: Take highway 49 northwest out of Auburn. In Nevada City you need to make a left turn in order to stay on Highway 49. After about 6 miles, just before 49 crosses South Yuba, there is a small parking lot for the Independence Trail. Hike the trail north about two miles upstream. Just before the trail ends, a steep dirt road leads down to the beach. When the road divides bear to the right.
Route 2: Same as above except go past trail head to where the bridge crosses the river. Take trail on north side of bridge upstream about a mile. This route is steeper and more narrow.

4. Purdon Crossing of the South Yuba River

Pros Short easy hike. Nice natural area.
Cons Steep dirt road. Minimal parking.
Directions Take highway 49 through Nevada City where it turns away from highway 20. Go about a tenth of a mile to North Bloomfield Road. Go north on North Bloomfield Road till the road comes to a T junction. Follow the road to the left, Purdon Road. The road turns to dirt and crosses the South Yuba River at an old wooden bridge. Park along the road and follow a narrow road upstream on the south side of the river. The road turns into a trail at a very small parking area and continues upstream. Once out of sight of the bridge there are many access trails to the river. The trail eventually terminates at a private property fence. Just before this is a very popular area for dipping. A narrow trail higher up from the river leads out of the small parking area towards Edward’s Crossing.  (Google directions if starting in Nevada City)


5. Edward’s Crossing of the South Yuba River

Pros Nice natural area.
Cons High fast water during spring runoff.
Directions Take highway 49 through Nevada City where it turns away from highway 20. Go about a tenth of a mile to North Bloomfield Road. Go north on North Bloomfield Road till the road comes to a T junction. Turn to the right. The road crosses the South Yuba River. There is parking near the bridge. Cross the bridge and take a trail downstream. The popular area for dipping is near where Spring Creek joins the South Yuba.

6. Lake Tahoe

Pros Nice beaches and a great crowd.
Cons Cold water, limited parking.
Directions Read this article on nude beaches.  Also Yelp ratings for Secret Cove.

Google maps now identifies some Tahoe beaches as nude beaches. The best nude beaches at Lake Tahoe are currently on the Nevada side.Parking: 4.9 miles north of the Highway 28/50 junction, or 3.0 miles south of car entrance to Sand Harbor, there is a large gray boulder on the east side of the road. Park along the side of the road, but make certain all tires are fully off the hard pavement. The trail down to the beaches is opposite the boulder. A dirt fire road between Highway 28 and the lake connects the trails down to the different beaches.

Whale Beach: Look for whale shaped rocks out in the water. At higher lake levels, the beach area is not as wide as Secret Harbor Creek Beach, so many skinnydippers moved there.

Secret Harbor Creek Beach: This beach is maintained by local naturists, and is a current favorite place for many. There is a large textile beach just to the the north of Secret Harbor, with a spit of rocks separating the two. This beach is good for beaching boats.

Secret Cove (aka Paradise Cove): This small beach has protected warmer water and is the shortest walk from the road.

Chimney Beach: Now mostly families and suited.

TAN Guide to Lake Tahoe Beaches

TAN Beach Map

Use a higher protection sunscreen at these beaches; the sun’s rays are more intense at this higher altitude.

7. American River near Auburn

Pros Easy Access.
Cons Easy Access.
Directions Take highway 49 east out of Auburn CA towards Cool. Park near the bridge that crosses the river and hike downstream across the pedestrian bridge until you are out of sight of the bridges. Alternatively you can park along the side of the road above the area and hike down to the river, or walk in from the southern end of the trail.

8. Folsom Lake

Pros Many secluded coves, best explored by boat.
Cons Access fee.
Directions Take Highway 80 to Roseville. Take the Douglas Blvd. exit towards Granite Bay. The main ramp is Granite Bay at the end of Douglas. There are several others on the lake. If you can only walk in there is a historically used site called Bare Cove. To get there enter the Granite Bay entrance and keep driving north past Doton’s Point to the parking lot for Beek’s Bight. You then hike north along the water line until you find a secluded cove bracketed by rock outcroppings. One of the rocks is etched with “Nude Beach”.

9. Laguna Del Sol Naturist Resort

Pros Large resort with great facilities.
Cons $$$
Directions See Laguna’s Web Page at